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BaristasBuddy Parisian French Press Coffee Maker

BaristasBuddy Parisian French Press Coffee Maker

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BaristasBuddy French press coffee maker gives you the taste of freshly brewed coffee without having to visit a coffee shop. The modern design of our colourful French presses add both color and style to any setting.

In spite of their durable, stainless steel build, our modern French press is lightweight, making it the perfect coffee maker for the home and office, or for travel and camping.

Here's why the BaristasBuddy Parisian is the hottest coffee press coffee maker in the market.

  • Durable Construction: Our French presses are made with the top quality stainless steel that money can buy. They are shatterproof, rust-proof and can last a lifetime. We're health conscious and ensure that all our products are built BPA free. 
  • Large Capacity: The 34oz French press holds 1litre of coffee which is enough to make 4 cups. So whether you want a caffeine fuelled morning or to brew enough for guests, this large French press should have you covered.
  • Delicious Coffee: The Parisian coffee press features a fine mesh filter that effectively filters out both coffee grounds and tea leaves, reducing the presence of fine particles and eliminating the taste of paper filters. As a result, you get a great tasting brew and clean cup, whereby you can actually taste the flavors listed in the tasting notes on your bag of coffee. Also, unlike other brands we've tested our French press stainless steel extensively to ensure there is no metallic after taste in the coffee.
  • Keeps Coffee Hot: Our insulated French press keeps coffee hotter for longer. If you like to drink your morning brew slowly or want to take it into a long meeting, you no longer need to worry about your coffee getting cold. Staying warm for up to 75 minutes, our coffee is every bit as smooth after 60 minutes as it was when you first brewed it.
  • Easy As 1-2-3: To use our metal French press, simply scoop in your ground coffee, add boiling water and let steep for 5 minutes. Then slowly press the plunger and pour. We recommend using a coarse grind size. Store-bought ground coffee should work just fine. If you buy from a local roaster ask them to grind coarse for French press. If you grind your own beans, make sure you set your grinder to a coarse enough setting to enable proper extraction of the coffee's flavor.



Stainless steel

How To Use

Read how to use the BaristasBuddy French press for a quick guide and simple to follow recipe.


8 inches tall x 4 inches wide at the base. It is 7 inches wide from spout to handle.

Care Instructions

For cleaning instructions, please read our French press maintenance guide.

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Customer Review

"While I use a K-Cup machine for my coffee, my daughter prefers the French press method for hers. She has been using the small glass ones, but those seem too fragile to make it long around our house -- especially with my 3 yo grandson running around! This one is large enough for her to make a big iced coffee, or two cups of warm coffee in the morning and is very sturdy. It is a great price and is well made. I think this will last a long time. It doesn't take much space at all, and looks at home among our black and stainless appliances. I recommend."

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