Bohemian Kettle Maintenance

If you're reading this, we hope that you've received and are making delicious drinks with the Bohemian kettle. 

Important: The Bohemian kettle is not made for gas stovetops. It should never be used on a gas hob, a camp fire or on any open flame. 

In this article, we will discuss how to properly care for your Bohemian gooseneck kettle so that it can give you fantastic pour-over brewing experiences for years to come while maintaining it's bright, colorful exterior.

Here are our quick fire tips:

  1. Before using your Bohemian gooseneck kettle for the first time (or after extended periods not being used), make sure to wipe down both its interior and exterior surfaces with warm soapy water followed by drying them off with a soft cloth afterwards.
  2. Always hand wash the kettle - the Bohemian kettle is not dishwasher safe and washing in the dishwasher may affect the color of the kettle. When hand-washing, avoid wire wool, wire brushes, and any form of rough or abrasive cleaning tool. Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth.
  3. Store your kettle away from direct sunlight – this prevents damage caused by UV radiation and will keep the yellow from fading.
  4. Do not fill the kettle with more than 34oz of 1 liter of water. Overfilling the kettle may result in boiling water leaking through the spout.
  5. If you live in an area with hard water, some limescale may build up over time. To remove it, you can use a soft, non abrasive cloth and rinse well with water. Alternatively, a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda can be used to remove any stubborn stains. Just make sure to clean and rinse the Bohemian kettle afterwards to ensure there are no lingering flavors from the vinegar.